I am writing up something about the catastrophe in Dallas and elsewhere but it’s taking me a while.

In the meantime let’s give Stefan Molyneux his credit. As a thinker he has come to painfully realize that the tired old standard platitudes about race are not factually grounded, are unscientific, irrational, hysterical, suicidal and simply can’t explain the catastrophic problems the world now faces.

With his recent roster of guests, he’s putting himself on the line to explore these questions and should be applauded for that. It may just be people like Stefan Molyneux who start to tip the political discussions about race in a much more sincere and empirically-based direction with the average person.

Frankly, if you want to do something easy to help the White race go and make a donation to Stefan Molyneaux’s site – letting him know you like these guests. He’s bringing the discussion about race and immigration to a new audience of people who haven’t been exposed to it before.


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