Dating across racial boundaries is at an all time high. What was once a relatively rare sight of a White female and black male is now becoming far more common. It’s not just trashy fat old White whores anymore. It used to be, but it’s also young women, intelligent looking with decent prospects, although I’m sorry to break it to them: blacks don’t differentiate.

It looks like a trend, as if women are copying one another. And its escalated in the last two years in particular. It’s extremely disturbing.

One thing I have noticed is these women don’t have the same expressions as women with White men. These White women with negroes look…..afraid, almost drugged or stupefied. They don’t really look comfortable.

Something is amiss.

You will notice it when you see it. Perhaps they have already had shaking experiences they weren’t warned about with their black partner that conflict with the images of blackness they have received.

There’s also another group of older women with negroes. For them it’s about still being wanted. They will take anything to still feel attractive.

In the past I have taken a more compassionate view of these dirtied-women. It’s not as if the mainstream media presents them with any serious facts about dating blacks and the joys they bring to a relationship, possibly starting with infidelity (Blacks are more naturally polygamous/promiscuous and are the most r-type reproducers), STDs/HIV, up to rape, gang rape as they introduce you to their ‘friends’, working up to extreme violence and death. All parts of the vibrancy spectrum.

Instead these women are inappropriately bombarded by images of blacks in music videos surrounded by White women, miscegenating couples and mixed babies as if it were something to strive for. They see celebrities. They think it’s cool. They are told to see blacks as oppressed rather than morally and intellectually disabled. They mistake pity for love, black inability for injustice, Jewish-manufactured black victim status for lost potential, perhaps that only she can repair.

But this group of younger women with far a higher IQ than the negroes they are dating have entered into an appalling false positive. They have identified themselves as weak links in our extended-family chain, susceptible to unquestioningly accepting demographic shifts in cites due to immigration, and defenseless to Jewish propaganda targeted at female group dynamics. Most regrettably, they have the potential at least to produce offspring out of these debased affairs, mixing their genes with a genetically-distant primitive group that will only ever be entirely dependent on their own. As the trend of interracial dating has clearly got worse I now feel less sympathetic.

When there eventually is racial separation these dirtied-women who have adopted negroes ought to be forced to embrace blackness in its completeness and everything that truly means without Whites.

They have elected to be on the other side of that wall.


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