Former Prime Minister and Europhile Tony Blair reflecting on Brexit:

Those in the political center were demonized as out-of-touch elites, as though the people leading the insurgency were ordinary folks […]

[…] Instead, we are seeing a convergence of the far left and far right. The right attacks immigrants while the left rails at bankers, but the spirit of insurgency, the venting of anger at those in power and the addiction to simple, demagogic answers to complex problems are the same for both extremes. Underlying it all is a shared hostility to globalization.

If the people — usually a repository of common sense and practicality — do something that appears neither sensible nor practical, then it forces a period of long and hard reflection. My own politics is waking to this new political landscape. The same dangerous impulses are visible, too, in American politics, but the challenges of globalization cannot be met by isolationism or shutting borders. […]

While it is completely lost on Blair that the ‘insurgency’ is because nobody wants globalization, this section is true:

And besides, immigration to Britain from outside the European Union will not be affected by the referendum decision.

What Blair calls concerns about immigration (what I would call alarm that the UK is being invaded by hostile, hate-filled, violent, primitive Others) is indeed less the fault of the EU, and more the result of successive British governments, including Blair’s own extremist internationalist administration.

It’s great to give the establishment and all of the out of touch elites Blair mentions a political kicking with the referendum, to send them a clear message their diversity is unwanted, but it’s not going to materially change the diversity-demographic problems Britain has, when it’s done a lot of the importing itself.

And as much as I am supportive of the Brexit result, on its own it is a symbolic victory. An important symbolic victory for sure – that will provide months of butt hurt and screaming by the Left and its SJWs, and that will lance the blob of puss that makes up the current political boil, but it is clearly a first step, not yet attached to any real world accomplishments on race and identity.

Meanwhile, in the immediate aftermath of Brexit there remains a danger that Britain starts rallying around the Union Jack, reinventing a similar ‘Cool Britannia’ top-down cultural nationalism that seemed to coincide with Blair’s rise to power in 1997. This neutered expression of nationalism would have a tendency to be inclusive and in a clamor of White-pathology, self-deception and Jewish meddling could include the brown flood it left the EU over.

Of course such an outcome would be a complete failure.

It’s true the EU had become a bloated meaningless monster, devouring more and more powers. Politicians and those who cared among the public were quite aware of the bureaucratic design flaws, its unaccountability to populations in member states, and there were regular, although sometimes halfhearted calls for the EU to ‘reform’.

However there was no serious political will to reform it, and everyone involved, even so called former ‘firebrand leftists’ simply enjoyed their grotesque luxuries and giant salaries from the EU with noses stuck in the trough.

Likewise, the EU itself had no real vision outside of the expired ‘never again’ politics of post-WW2. Aside from free trade, its values are inclusivity and tolerance, its official motto, ‘United in Diversity’. Although no one would dare admit it, Brexit was significantly and rightly psychologically driven by the rejection of diversity, i.e race.

No question, there were grave issues about sovereignty and governance, but watching freaks like Angela Merkel flood her country with every shade of shit possible to prove how modern, reformed and apologetic Germany really really is, repulsed the entire world. The UK looked on in horror as this rabid lunatic emptied out an extra large effluent bucket over Germany for no other reason than to look and feel ‘moral’ as bombs and bullets exploded in other European countries thanks to the same enrichment.

Images of Africans and Muslims all over Western Europe at ports, in shanty towns, setting fire to their dwellings, attacking Whites, raping children and women who welcomed them, murdering or killing their hosts in acts of terrorism, then EU leaders declaring member states would be fined for not accepting the privilege of even more of this enrichment was the EU setting itself up for disaster when put to the poll.

It’s just a shame the UK had been emptying its own buckets out across the country for years, inevitably for the same insane reasons other EU states have.

The EU thought it was unbeatable. It thought it was an institution that transcended history, towered over time and that, in its eyes, could atone for all European war. It assumed it held values so moral and compelling that no one would be able to resist its ethical grandeur, all can be transformed by its magic dirt.

It was that detached hubris of this giant unaccountable bureaucracy dispensing suicidal policies that ensured the UK’s Leave win and may now have set up the falling dominoes for other countries to do the same.


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