The election of a Muslim Mayor in London should not be seen as a public endorsement for diversity and multiculturalism but simply as proof of drifting political failure.

It is not the result of the ‘triumph of tolerance’ or some dismal acceptance of Islam, rather it an artifact of politicians agreeing to the forces of globalization; the demands of international finance and corporations to flood the country with non-White immigration to establish a workforce with low expectations and often lower IQs who can serve multinational corporations and indeed the state.

Guess what ? In that flood a few with slightly better IQs will become representatives of the flood, as Khan did as an MP in an area of London where Whites appear to be a minority, as well as a lawyer representing Islamic terrorists before becoming a mayor in a major city. Khan owes his political career to the flood, while as far as the mayoral election in London went, the flood will vote for the represenative that most resembles itself and its in-group and against others it has historical grudges against.

The flood, and therefore Khan’s election, is also the result of a relentless and universal effort by Jews to replace the populations of White countries (not merely the UK) for their own interests and a complete failure of the political classes who have simply surrended to these Jewish demands. See here and here for a mere taster on this subject.

My ecomonic perception of non-White and third-world immigration to the West is as an historical parallel to slavery in the United States (of which Jews themselves have a long and vested tradition). Well today it’s not called slavery, and the participants are not slaves, but their purpose is identical: as a cheap(er), undemanding and inarticulate source of mass labor that can be exploited for low end work.

But far more poisonously than slavery it degrades labor (and social) standards for the entire population, as well as shifting the political landscape away from White voters and White interests, ultimately driving them out.

Moreover, and worse of all, mass immigration and globalization creates a universal economic market with no cultural barriers, where every group becomes part of some homogenized brown mush of passive consumers. It’s basically today: “we all become slaves” so bankers can be rich, governments can declare ‘growth’ and Jews can feel ‘special’.

What’s frightening is the way this process has been enforced by Jews in White countries with harsh laws penalizing critics of other groups and the displacement of Whites

Needless to say, Khan’s mayorship is nothing to celebrate.

On the contrary, it’s someting to be lamented and condemned for the hollow nothing it really is.

All it represents is that the brown mush created by years of globalization and Jewish activism managed to elect one of its own instead of having to endure the pretense of a White puppet who merely ‘applaudes diversity’ to ensure his or her own political future.

Incidentially, there is nothing ‘special’ or ‘new’ about Khan becoming elected , although I was surprised he did. On the more local level, although they have less power, brown-skinned mayors are not novel to many places, and neither are Muslim MPs of which Khan himself was one.

The lesson to be drawn from Khan as a mayor is that organized Jewry and globalization are two highly destructive and interconnected influences which are utterly incompatible with White interests.


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