IOL: Johannesburg – The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) on Tuesday said it would investigate a complaint laid against Judge Mabel Jansen over her comments about black people and rape posted on Facebook


Jansen’s remarks, part of a conversation posted on Facebook a year ago, sparked an outcry this week among social media users and political parties. Jansen stated in the conversation that rape was part of black people’s culture,and that gang raping of a baby, daughter and a mother was “a pleasurable past time”. Jansen further said that she had dozens of cases before her to prove it.

The North Gauteng High Court judge was labeled a racist, with calls for her to be fired as a judge.

She reportedly defended her statements and said they were taken out of context.

Everything this judge said is absolutely true.

As far I have been able to understand there is no concept of rape in black ‘culture’, just as there is no concept of rape among other animals, which have forced sex all the time. Culture in this case comes out of group cognition, i.e moral apparatus that’s either developed enough or not to create social understanding and a lasting moral framework.

Rape, for all intents and purposes, and to a large extent crime in general is a White European concept as far as negroes go, and hence the failure in getting its moral consequences to adhere to them.

And needless to say, as rape is a natural feature of blacks they do not belong around Whites. The lessons should have been learned by now, but given the choice between accepting the truth, or going along with a largely Jewish narrative about ‘racism’ and ‘White supremacism’ most feminists, anti-rape activists and SJWs would rather pick the latter so as not to be excluded and made to feel uncomfortable by the Jewish patriarchy.


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