An important essay by Kevin MacDonald on self-destructive ideas of morality that Whites have in comparison to other groups (particularly Jews):

The difference in other-blame is particularly interesting in that it is consistent with the idea that Northern Europeans more readily take the point of view of the other when assigning blame. I think this is part of the deep structure of individualism. When Michael Polignano wrote a book titled Taking Our Own Side, he put his finger on a major problem for Western individualists: We tend to take a neutral point of view in moral issues — not biased in our own favor or what’s good for our group. We tend to take the point of view of the emotionally disinterested, rational observer, not swayed by personal interest. So we are less likely to blame others for problems and try our best to see the situation from the other person’s point of view.

The piece is a devastating review of the suicidal White tendency to elevate concern for ‘individuals’ (including those individuals of outgroups) as a moral imperative, while other groups like Jews tend to retain the pursuit of ethnocentric in-group advantages as a moral edict.


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