Muslim Mayors are nothing to celebrate (unless you are Jewish)

The election of a Muslim Mayor in London should not be seen as a public endorsement for diversity and multiculturalism but simply as proof of drifting political failure.

It is not the result of the ‘triumph of tolerance’ or some dismal acceptance of Islam, rather it an artifact of politicians agreeing to the forces of globalization; the demands of international finance and corporations to flood the country with non-White immigration to establish a workforce with low expectations and often lower IQs who can serve multinational corporations and indeed the state.

Guess what ? In that flood a few with slightly better IQs will become representatives of the flood, as Khan did as an MP in an area of London where Whites appear to be a minority, as well as a lawyer representing Islamic terrorists before becoming a mayor in a major city. Khan owes his political career to the flood, while as far as the mayoral election in London went, the flood will vote for the represenative that most resembles itself and its in-group and against others it has historical grudges against.

The flood, and therefore Khan’s election, is also the result of a relentless and universal effort by Jews to replace the populations of White countries (not merely the UK) for their own interests and a complete failure of the political classes who have simply surrended to these Jewish demands. See here and here for a mere taster on this subject.

My ecomonic perception of non-White and third-world immigration to the West is as an historical parallel to slavery in the United States (of which Jews themselves have a long and vested tradition). Well today it’s not called slavery, and the participants are not slaves, but their purpose is identical: as a cheap(er), undemanding and inarticulate source of mass labor that can be exploited for low end work.

But far more poisonously than slavery it degrades labor (and social) standards for the entire population, as well as shifting the political landscape away from White voters and White interests, ultimately driving them out.

Moreover, and worse of all, mass immigration and globalization creates a universal economic market with no cultural barriers, where every group becomes part of some homogenized brown mush of passive consumers. It’s basically today: “we all become slaves” so bankers can be rich, governments can declare ‘growth’ and Jews can feel ‘special’.

What’s frightening is the way this process has been enforced by Jews in White countries with harsh laws penalizing critics of other groups and the displacement of Whites

Needless to say, Khan’s mayorship is nothing to celebrate.

On the contrary, it’s someting to be lamented and condemned for the hollow nothing it really is.

All it represents is that the brown mush created by years of globalization and Jewish activism managed to elect one of its own instead of having to endure the pretense of a White puppet who merely ‘applaudes diversity’ to ensure his or her own political future.

Incidentially, there is nothing ‘special’ or ‘new’ about Khan becoming elected , although I was surprised he did. On the more local level, although they have less power, brown-skinned mayors are not novel to many places, and neither are Muslim MPs of which Khan himself was one.

The lesson to be drawn from Khan as a mayor is that organized Jewry and globalization are two highly destructive and interconnected influences which are utterly incompatible with White interests.

Blacks have no concept of rape

IOL: Johannesburg – The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) on Tuesday said it would investigate a complaint laid against Judge Mabel Jansen over her comments about black people and rape posted on Facebook


Jansen’s remarks, part of a conversation posted on Facebook a year ago, sparked an outcry this week among social media users and political parties. Jansen stated in the conversation that rape was part of black people’s culture,and that gang raping of a baby, daughter and a mother was “a pleasurable past time”. Jansen further said that she had dozens of cases before her to prove it.

The North Gauteng High Court judge was labeled a racist, with calls for her to be fired as a judge.

She reportedly defended her statements and said they were taken out of context.

Everything this judge said is absolutely true.

As far I have been able to understand there is no concept of rape in black ‘culture’, just as there is no concept of rape among other animals, which have forced sex all the time. Culture in this case comes out of group cognition, i.e moral apparatus that’s either developed enough or not to create social understanding and a lasting moral framework.

Rape, for all intents and purposes, and to a large extent crime in general is a White European concept as far as negroes go, and hence the failure in getting its moral consequences to adhere to them.

And needless to say, as rape is a natural feature of blacks they do not belong around Whites. The lessons should have been learned by now, but given the choice between accepting the truth, or going along with a largely Jewish narrative about ‘racism’ and ‘White supremacism’ most feminists, anti-rape activists and SJWs would rather pick the latter so as not to be excluded and made to feel uncomfortable by the Jewish patriarchy.

What will Trump bring (and what do we want him to) ?


I miss my old blog. I felt pushed into a ‘neccessary evil’ to take it offline at that time, but I do miss it.

It was around about that time the US Presidential run of Donald Trump was just starting to turn into a phenomenon on the Right and has grown ever stronger over time.

As you may be aware, there is this joyful fantasy that Trump could be some kind of great nationalist leader who will throw out neocons, Mexicans, blacks, and put SJWs in camps while reconquering Europe for the benefit of White people.

And look, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been moved and thrilled by the rise of Trump, who for whatever his flaws or his real views, has tapped into and electrified something of a White-consciousness and appears to be a bitterly resented outsider to the current political power establishment. Yes, Trump is the most exciting political figure for decades.

While it can only be wishful thinking to believe that Trump is secretly signed up to the Right’s full fantasy menu of policies, some of the concerns the disenfranchised Left have of Trump are not without foundation.

Trump does appear to be a civic nationalist and a populist. Furthermore, he is clearly talking to White people (whatever his motives) and making political appeals to them, and I think based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s not unrealistic to believe that Trump sees White identity as an essential foundation of American identity, who’s interests have been neglected and need furthering, if only semi-implicitly.

Meanwhile, Trump has been relentlessly attacking some of the Right’s longstanding enemies such as political correctness, immigration and globalism: that catchall term that desribes a borderless, nationless world governed by international oligarchs and corporations.

Trump has even been forgiven by many on the Right for his nauseating AIPAC speech which is interpreted as another ‘necessary evil’ to get elected in a world where Jews have disproportionate, and often decisive political power.

The consensus is that Trump has unquestionably opened up a new space for the Right that should be exploited to the full.

My view is that rather than waiting for Trump to become President, and in the meantime worrying about what Trump will or won’t do in office, activists should be extrapolating Trump’s correct stance on immigration to one on race. And I know to some extent that’s already happening.

This is the time for creating a noise about black crime, black dysfunction, black birth rates, the economic burden of blacks and the hopeless futility of trying to close the White/black achievement gap, and even trying to finally redress the appalling apathy that resulted in allowing blacks to remain in America after the abolition of slavery.

At the very least there needs to be an effort to get Trump to address the deliberate psychosis around blacks, such as the disconnect between people’s dismal day to day experiences of blacks in comparison to the media representation of them as noble icons, and the skewed-reporting of black on White crime in the way he has addressed the issue of Mexican crime.

By skewed-reporting I mean in the media, where black on White crimes are depicted as some sort of victimless misdemeamor that can be explained away by poverty, history and societal attitudes, while extremely rare White on black crimes are a national outage fueled by White Supremacism.

The avoidance of the truth: that blacks are simply more prone to violence, more promiscuous, are bad parents, have a lower IQ and are separated by tens of thousands of years of evolution from Whites is the elephant in the living room that can no longer be sustained.

Trump needs to be encouraged not just to obsess about Obamacare, but to reverse Obama-administration legislation which unjustly pushes blacks onto White areas, and pushes inappropriate symbols of blackness (like Harriet Tubman) onto the entire population.

Trump needs to be encouraged not merely to temporarily block Muslim immigration but to permanently block all Third World immigration.

Meanwhile another group of activists needs to start getting the idea of a White Space, a White homeland on the table. Of course it sounds far fetched even to many of us, but big ideas need to start somewhere.

The Left with its Jewish intellectual backbone, has been doing the same for years. The left’s whacky, catastrophic extremist ideas have actually become standard government policy around the world. No matter how nutty, how unpopular, how alienating, how destructive, the Left has pushed and pushed and gotten its way by pushing.

Now it’s our turn.

Whites blame themselves for the failings of other groups.

An important essay by Kevin MacDonald on self-destructive ideas of morality that Whites have in comparison to other groups (particularly Jews):

The difference in other-blame is particularly interesting in that it is consistent with the idea that Northern Europeans more readily take the point of view of the other when assigning blame. I think this is part of the deep structure of individualism. When Michael Polignano wrote a book titled Taking Our Own Side, he put his finger on a major problem for Western individualists: We tend to take a neutral point of view in moral issues — not biased in our own favor or what’s good for our group. We tend to take the point of view of the emotionally disinterested, rational observer, not swayed by personal interest. So we are less likely to blame others for problems and try our best to see the situation from the other person’s point of view.

The piece is a devastating review of the suicidal White tendency to elevate concern for ‘individuals’ (including those individuals of outgroups) as a moral imperative, while other groups like Jews tend to retain the pursuit of ethnocentric in-group advantages as a moral edict.