Haaretz: Former London mayor and veteran Labour politician Ken Livingstone is the latest Labour politician to be suspended for controversial remarks on Zionism, one day after lawmaker Naz Shah’s suspension for her anti-Israel comments.

Labour MPs called on Thursday to suspend Livingstone from the party after he rushed to his colleague’s defense and allegedly calling Hitler a Zionist, the BBC reported.

It’s entertaining to observe the Labour Party’s current morphology. It’s similar to watching a group of mentally ill imbeciles thrash about in straight-jackets, bashing their heads against the wall screaming nonsense. But there’s moments of lucidity and truth amongst the foam and insanity. And when the asylum warden comes along he takes out his baton and bashes the lunatics over the head,- not for their collective lunacy but for their brief moments of reason.

And that’s the situation with the United Kingdom’s Labour Party today. It’s true to form as a degenerate pathological mess of anti-white leftism, but at the same time it can’t seem to keep the truth about Jewish power buried. It seems to want to come out. And this is something it was completely unable to fulfill under Tony Blair, who was, and remains, a totally committed servant to the most extreme forms of Jewish-identity politics and international Jewish power.

And in many ways it’s a remarkable achievement that Ken Livingstone has twice been suspended in this way, first as London mayor, and now as a Labour Party member because of his alleged ‘antisemitic remarks’, which of course are ‘antisemitic’ only in the sense they are not Jewish-identity approved.

And, if one believes the (Jewish) media, there appears to be something of a revolt towards Jewish power in the Labour Party, all the way up to Corbyn himself.

Needless to say, organized Jewry doesn’t like that. It’s not that they simply don’t care about the crap they themselves have promulgated and managed to fill Corbyn’s wooly liberal head with, such as support for LGBT rights, anti-apartheid and diversity. But as important as those topics are in rotting white civilization to make Jewish idenity ‘real’ and increase upward mobility for Jews, when these same demands for ‘social justice’ are then turned towards them and the private policies they want for themselves it becomes a problem.

If a political party is percieved as containing elements which won’t provide unqualified support for Jewish double standards, Jewish self-aggrandizement and for Israel as a supreme power in the Middle East, the usual media campaign will follow until party members are sacked, leaders replaced with suitable puppets and policies restored to the usual garbage.

As it happens the Labour Party is garbage anyway. It’s a relic from the past that stood by and betrayed its country and the very people it purported to serve, swamping them with immigration, degredation and war in exchange for Jewish financial support.

But however degraded and irrelevant the Labour Party is, it should not apologize and sack members because their views don’t conform to the standard Jewish narrative.


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