Originally posted as a comment at Counter-Currents on the topic of Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, with some changes:

All over the white European world, symbols of white historical figures are being demoted, degraded or outright torn down in favor of black ones. As the excellent article on Counter-Currents states:

Honoring Tubman is not an expression of black power, but of Jewish power

It is an affront to put symbols of blacks on currency where whites are victims of black crime day in day out, and by extension – to celebrate black identity as some kind of virtue. It is an outrageous insult to victims of black crime.

It is an affront to put symbols of blacks on currency, especially militant blacks, at a time when blacks are making unreasonable demands about how their own dysfunctionality is policed, which essentially comes down to demanding the police turn a blind eye to black violence and crime because it interferes with their sense of identity, including demanding the ‘right’ to attack armed police officers and not be shot. None of their claims are grounded in reason or evidence or, needless to say – consistent with law and order, instead it is nothing more than brainless anti-white identity-hysteria egged on by Jewish plutocrats like George Soros.

It is an affront to put symbols of blacks on currency effectivelty to try to breathe new life into the dismal failure and destructive narrative of multiculturalism and diversity today, or disversity as I call it.

It is an affront to put symbols of blacks on currency where blacks have played no role in the intellectual founding of the country, and outside of their own claims (and perhaps some Jewish writers), little to no role at all in advancing the country as a whole since then, and have mostly been a serious burden on the white population. It is both disingenuous and malevolent to celebrate black activity (for the benefit of blacks) as some kind of iconic image for everyone else. It can only be for ‘everyone else’ if everyone else (whites) accept the idea of being displaced by a Jewish-steered illiterate black militancy as a virtue.

Consequently, it is an affront to put symbols of blacks on currency where blacks do not collectively wield the same level of intelligence as whites, and whatever Tubman is allegedly being celebrated for – it’s particularly unlikely to be her IQ. Tubman is thoroughly removed from the actual functioning of all of the higher institutions of America. She could not participate in them or advance them through qualities consistent with the qualities of those who founded the country.

It is an affront to sell Tubman to whites as a ‘gun toting Republican’ to try to allay fears of cultural takeover among whites, and then more so – as Jewish organizations are also at the forefront of pushing gun-control legislation, and have been spectacularly successful at corrupting the Republican party including into supporting deranged aggressive wars on behalf of Jewish interests.

It is an affront to put symbols of ugliness on currency. Tubman is ugly.

It is an affront to put alien symbols on the currency of a country founded by whites. Tubman appears fully removed from white experience.

It is an affront to female beauty to try to pass off the ugliness and alien features of Tubman as a female icon. Whilst it may not be her fault what she looked like, to make a choice to use Tubman, who has the face of a primitive being full of black hostility, is a direct assault, even inversion of the notion of womanhood. One could argue that Tubman is female, but not a woman.

Indeed it seems far more likely to me Tubman was selected not for her achievements, but simply because she is so alien and hideous and hostile looking. Tubman’s grotesque image is guaranteed on one or more psychological levels (subconscious where Jewish leftist rhetoric has replaced natural values in the conscious mind in those with little defenses) to alienate whites from their own country and institutions and hurt their morale (putting aside whether the Fed is a white institution, the images on a nation’s currency should reflect its institutions).

And of course it is an affront to remove a great man like Jackson and to replace him with the above.

You know what I think ? How about Israel be the ‘light unto the nations’ here? And put Yasser Arafat, dead Palestinian women and children, Wafa Idris (first Palestinian female suicide bomber) or Rachel Corrie on THEIR currency to show the lessons and history of oppressed peoples and women in THEIR midst.

And I really really hope the backlash against this increases when people get the notes in their hands and see what a tacky monstrous debacle of Jewish overreach actually looks like.

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