Hi. You probably don’t know me. But I used to run a political blog that had some small following, which due to a number of issues at the time, including other commitments, my own sanity and a series of threats made against me – I decided to put to rest for a while.

Like a lot of people in the movement I had experienced burnout. I had written myself into a corner that was bleak and miserable and dark. It was dirty work and someone had to do it, but at the same time it was difficult for me to see a light out of the tunnel.

I regret greatly that the old blog simply vanished, and that I may have dissapointed the followers I had. Although my views haven’t changed in that time. They are the same. The old blog may come back and articles from it may appear here. But I’m going to ask a request of readers here, if you see an article you like here please feel free to repost the entire thing on your own website or blog.

The topics we will be discussing here are political, metapolitical and social. I didn’t pull any punches before, and even in rightwing circles I realized there were people who were alienated by some of my themes.

Anyway, it’s been a while and I can see some old friends are still around, and some sadly have vanished, their writings forced off the internet by angry social justice warriors determined to distort the world into their own image.

One thing I wasn’t so widely aware of when I was blogging before was just the extent of the young rich world of what is called the Alt Right or, as I prefer the New Right. Needless to say this New Right is a blessing and I sincerely hope it can continue to grow and flourish and make an impact.


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